Indian Villages in Chemung County

"Kanaweola" (sometimes Canaweola) was one of seven Indian villages in Chemung County. The name, a not very pleasant Seneca word meaning "head on a pole." In the 1730s a Seneca chief had been tried for alleged treachery to his tribe, was convicted, decapitated, and his head was placed on a pole as a warning to others. This spot was at the confluence of Newtown Creek and the Chemung River (the exit 56 area on Water Street at Interstate 86). Kanaweola was a village of 20 well-built houses. The town was destroyed by General John Sullivan's army.

Other Indian villages in Chemung County:
"New Chemung" was located on the north bank of the Chemung River in Chemung, NY.

"Newtown" was located near today's Lowman, NY.

"Middletown" was located between Lowman and Elmira.

Two unnamed villages were located - one near today's Chemung Canal Bank in Elmira, and the other in or near Elmira's Wisner Park.

"Rununvia" was located in Big Flats, near today's intersection of Winters Road and County Route 64.

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