Elmira Newspaper Article Headlines

Compiled by Diane Janowski

1890 “Ice Dealers In Conference”

1890 “Tried To Slap A Woman”

1890 “Where Is Hogan?”

1890 “Treed By A Bull”

1890 “Jottings from Owego” “Watkins Brevities” “ Big Flats Briefs” “Cohocton Chips” “Spencer Shorts” “Tioga Topics” “Pine City Pointers” “Blossburg Briefs”

1890 “What Men Like In Women”

1890 “Bath’s Social Season”

1890 “Short, But Interesting”

1890 “Ate Beefsteak”

1890 “Married Her Coachman”

1890 “What Next?”

1890 “More Waverly Merchants Arrested”

1890 “Death of John Kennedy”

1890 “Judge Dexter Going To Rome”

1890 “Caught Four Hundred Fish”

1890 “Embalming Finishes It”

1890 “How To Use A Rifle”

1890 “Yesterday’s Sales of Cheese”

1901 “And Next, Comes Lent”

1901 “Susquehanna Snakes - A Bundle of Them Found as Large as a Barrel”

1901 “Horse Not Stolen”

1901 “ Terror in Street - A Deadly Gili [sic] Monster Escapes From Its Cage

1901 “A Lemon Social”

1901 “Mrs. Strange Acted in Strange Manner”

1916 “Measles Cause Worry in Addison”

1916 “He Loses 4 Fingers”

1916 “ Balboa Movie Corporation May Put Studio at Watkins”

1916 “Bird Pictures at Methodist Church”

1916 “Chicken Thieves Active Again”

1916 “Nose Severed from His Face by the Bartender”

1916 “Farmer Says His Watch Was Stolen”

1919 “Village Girl, Some Dancer”

1919 “Better Watch Your Cider”

1910 “Santa Claus To Get Mail”

1919 “Elmira Tailor Finds $9,000 in Clothes He is Pressing”

1919 “Raisins and Canned Beef At Food Sale Here On Monday”

1919 “Thief Robs Chief’s House”

1919 “Children These Days Called Extravagant”

1919 “Food Goes Up and Down”

1919 “Pancake Flour Poisons Family”

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