Paperweight from the Elmira Masonic Temple at the corner
of Lake and East Market Streets - today's Hazlett Builiding.

elmira prison camp
Elmira Prison Camp, panoramic photograph by Moulton and Larkin in the fall of 1864.

The Mozart Theatre and Elks Club on Market Street, circa 1904 - not named for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but rather Ed Mozart. Building no longer exists.

rorick's glenRorick's Glen on Elmira's Southside, circa 1900.

downtown elmira
The corner of Water and Main Streets looking north, circa 1935.

howard johnson's
Howard Johnson's Motel in Horseheads.

elmira southside
View of Elmira from East Hill looking west toward Brand Park.

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erie lackawanna elmira
The "brand new" Erie Viaduct through downtown Elmira circa 1934.

gleason watercure
Gleason's Watercure on East Hill circa 1900.

first baptist church elmira
The third building of the First Baptist Church circa 1920.

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chemung county court
Chemung County Courthouse complex, circa 1910.

mark twain mural
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn mural in the Mark Twain Hotel - now Mark Twain Apartments) on West Gray Street.

salted peanuts
I can almost smell this.

Utica Ithaca Elmira railroad
Train schedule for the Utica, Ithaca, & Elmira Railway.

delaware lackawanna and western DL&W
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western depot at the foot of Benjamin Street circa 1935.

gift shop
chemung county history chemung valley history elmira new york
masonic temple elmira civil war prison camp

Elmira, New York is My Kind of Town

In 1851, Harpers New York & Erie Railroad Guide gave Elmira the nickname "Queen City of the Southern Tier." A line in their book reads, "This is the queen city along the New York & Erie Railroad and is a good specimen of the towns that seem to exhale from the American soil."
St. Nicholas main and water
view of elmira new viaduct
howard johnson's
park church harris hill soaring
eldridge park
Glen Route Trolley howell box elmira
rorick's glen
lake street

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elmira business institute
Elmira Business Institute is still very much alive and vital to downtown Elmira.

EBI was founded in 1858 as Elmira Business and Shorthand College.

eldridge park
In the olden times, one took a jug to the Spring House and brought home some nice fresh sulphur water. This spring was located in Eldridge Park.

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St. Nicholas
The first St. Nicholas Russian Church in Elmira Heights.

Howell Packaging
Howell's Box Factory on Pennsylvania Avenue on the Southside, circa 1915.

glen route trolley
The Glen Roate trolley form Elmira to Watkins Glen circa 1915.

charles x. o'brien
A copy of "If You Were a Big Red Rose" by Charles X. O'Brien, published in Elmira as was many other songs. Visit Victorian Pride to hear some of the songs.

harris hill gliders soaring
Soaring at Harris Hill - the "Soaring Capital of America."

schanaker's diner
Every town needs a diner. We had Schanaker's. Schanaker's
Diner was on old State Street near Market Street.