From Lieutenant Colonel Francis Barber's Order Book

Head Quarters Newtown August 30, 1779
Parole Canada Countersign Hallifax
Brigadier of the day General Clinton
Field Officer of the day Lt. Colo. Weissenfield
Brigade Major Fish

The Commander-in-chief with the highest satisfaction, returns his sincere thanks to the officers & soldiers of the Army, for their brave & soldierly conduct yesterday. No troops could have manifested more eagerness for the combat than those who were immediately engaged & none more bravery & coolness than those who were in action. The General in a special manner returns his thanks to General Poor, the officers & soldiers of his brigade for the firmness & resolution with which they opposed & routed the enemy. He also returns his thanks to Major Parr & the troops under his command for the brave stand they made. He is sensible of the obligation he is under to every General, field & other commissioned officers for their particular attention to orders & the cheerfulness they shew in executing every direction. He cannot help expressing his satisfaction with the conduct of Colo. Proctor, and the officers & men of the Artillery—Capt. Machin, Lieuts. Stephens and Jenkins have his cordial thanks for the services they rendered the army by their vigalence & exertions. It is with pleasure he declares, the conduct of the whole army has fully convinced him that every future attempt to appose their progress must be vain & fruitless. The same signals as yesterday will notify the march of the Army. Gen. Clinton is appointed President of a Court Martial to sit at three o'Clock this afternoon for the trial of Commissary Steele. Each Brigade to furnish one Field officer & three Captains. Capt. Anderson is appointed Judge Advocate. The court to sit at the President's Marque.

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