Dr. Jabez Campfield’s Diary
[Campfield was a surgeon in Spencer’s 5th N. J. Regiment.]

August 18, 1779...We heard G. Clinton’s eavning gun.

Aug. 19 - This morning 9 o’clock Genl. Clinton joined us with upward of 200 Boats and about 700 Infantry, who marched by land - 2 pieces of cannon in ye boats; his whole number it is said consists of 1500 men...

August 27, 1779 - The army marched about 6 miles and passed a difficult defile--broke two wagons, overset a traveling forge and one of the pieces...Here we found much green corn & beans.

August 28 - The army marched to Shemung (12 miles from Tioga)...Maxwell’s Brigade forded the Tioga twice to escape a difficult defile, while Genls Clinton, Poor & Hand with their brigades passed over the mountains...

Sunday, Aug. 29, 1779 - The army advanced in its common order of march, until about the middle of the day when the advance received a fire from the enemy...Two prisoners were taken, a Tory & a Negro; 17 men were killed on the spot, who our people found, one of them an Indian of distinction - their number wounded we don’t know, they must have been considerable. We had only 3 men killed and 30 wounded, among whom were a Major, Captain, & Sub’n, all of the Hampshire troops. At evening the whole army arrived and incamped in New Town, the inhabitants of which had deserted it two days before. Here we found great quantities of corn, beans, pumpkins, &c...

Aug. 30, 1779 - The army remained in camp this day, part being detached to destroy the corn and other things from which the enemy might hereafter draw subsistance.


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