From the journal of Major John Burrowes
Spencer’s 5th New Jersey Regt.

Observations - The Country continues mountainous and the road very disagreeable. The sight of Carriages in this part of the world is very odd, as there is nothing but a foot path. We got this night at a large flat three miles distant from Chemung where corn grows such as cannot be equalled in Jersey. The field contains about 100 acres, beans, cucumbers. Simblens water-melons, and pumpkins in such quantities would be almost incredible to a civilized people. We sat up until between one and two o’clock feasting on these rarities.

Shemung, 28th August 1779
The army don’t move until 2 o’clock this afternoon... We arrive at this place at sunset, the pack horses being in the rear, made it after dark before we got our tents pitched. We crossed the Cayuga [the Chemung River] twice. The river was three feet deep, and the rapids very strong. It swept a number of our pack horses down the river.

Middletown [a small Indian town between Newtown and Kanawaholla] 29th August Sunday.
The army marched at half past 10 o’clock. We had marched about three miles and a half when we heard some firing in front and soon was informed that Col. Butler .. had received some Shots from a party of Indians.

Monday, Middletown 30th August.
The army don’t march today, but are employed in cutting down the corn at this place which being about one hundred and fifty acres, and superior to any I ever say. Our wounded to be sent to Teoga in boats-They go just after dark.

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