Double D's Driving Tour of Elmira, New York 1907

Elmira driving tour map
1. Eldridge Park (off of Thurston St. at the Clemens Center Parkway) - as many as 40,000 visitors per weekend via Erie Railroad excursion trains.

2. John W. Jones Museum (corner of Davis Street and Woodlawn Avenue).

3. Brick Pond (Sullivan Street). In 1901 a kid bicycling down East Hill was injured. This area flooded in 1901 by the Newtown Creek

4.(Corner of Madison Avenue and Carroll Street) - In 1901 a corner junk store was robbed.

5. The Arnot Gas Works building, (on Madison Avenue between East Clinton and East Fifth Streets) built before 1850.
Elmira driving tour map
6A. In 1904, a woman had a baby while leaning against the building at the corner of East Fifth and Benjamin Streets.

6B. Benjamin Street - young girl arrested for disobeying her parents.

7. The Lackawanna Station (Benjamin Street)- all that's left is the beautiful granite floor.

8. Jones Court (Baldwin Street between East Clinton and East Fifth Streets) in the heart of Slabtown.

9.The old Erie Station on beautiful Railroad Avenue at Third Street, now privately owned. Building across the street were former hotels and restaurants.

10. Statue of Thomas K. Beecher in Wisner Park (Main Street in the middle of town). Elmirans once planted sequoia trees in this park to honor Beecher. Yeah, like that was going to work. Also in this park, President McKinley was scheduled to speak after he got back from the Pan Am Exhibition in Buffalo.

11. The Rathbun Hotel now the site of the Chemung Canal Bank (corner of Water and Baldwin Streets). Across the street, fisherman used dynamite for night fishing in the Chemung River. The floods that frequent Elmira allowed store owners along the river to "clean house."

12. Tightrope walkers navigated across Lake Street promoting a show at the Lyceum Theatre at the corner of Lake and Carroll Streets. A shop worker in a store on the opposite corner found a tarantula in a bunch of bananas.

13. The Elmira City Club (corner of Lake and Church Streets) - Ping Pong fever hit the club in 1901 and they had the first table in Elmira.

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